Writing To Heal

“Writing” by Pascal Maramis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By ena ganguly

Writing is a tool for so many things to so many people. Amongst the many things writing can do for us, it can be an outlet to heal from past or present experiences that have hurt or disturbed us. 

Putting words to paper can be an incredible way to realize what it is we are feeling and going through. In doing so, we can better navigate both internal and external situations that we are experiencing and feel better equipped to do so.

Through modes of journaling, not only can we realize our own inner feelings, we can express them to others who may better support us by being called into our innermost selves. It is definitely a practice in vulnerability, but can be just as rewarding when it comes to building deeper, trusting relationships with others.

Join allgo and TAASA  on Friday, November 13th at 1 PM CST for Ariana Brown’s session on healing through words. A bit about the event, “Embracing our own softness can feel impossible in a world which tells us we must develop hardness in order to survive. How can we allow ourselves to find the power in tenderness, in softness? This workshop explores the capabilities of tenderness, focusing on self-care and communal care, through writing exercises and group dialogue.”

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