Relishing Leo Season In All Its Glory!

By ena ganguly

August is Leo season, as in, the month of self-celebration and living without a care in the world. One of the three fire signs, there is something truly regal and intense about this zodiac sign as it takes center stage with utmost confidence and enthusiasm. Here is a pretty succinct summation of all zodiac signs’ potential during Leo season, in case you want to take a peek! For those of us who are wondering what they can do to celebrate Leo season in all its glory, here are a few tips:

Dress the part

I imagine a Leo dressing according to their mood everyday. They are the life of the party, and everyone must know how they feel at all times. Consider raiding your closet for some cute pieces, repurposing a scarf for a belt and a skirt for a strapless dress! Get creative and find ways to emote through your wardrobe. Let’s not forget accessories. Put on some clip-on earrings, a bangle you love, or a necklace that makes your decolletage shine! It can be fun, creative and experimental, so let yourself explore and, most importantly, no matter what you decide to put on, be confident with what you wear!

Enjoy Yourself 

Throughout the month of August, take moments to really relish what it is you’re doing, feeling, eating, etc. The Leo energy is unapologetically indulgent in enjoying what it is craving, so to get into this season, do the same! Maybe it’s a new drink or dish that you’ve been wanting to make in the kitchen, or a walk in your favorite park that you haven’t been to in a while. 

A lot of what Leo season is about, at least to me, is investing in yourself. Wooing yourself. Dating yourself. Consider taking yourself on a date like watching a movie with your favorite snack or reading a book near a pool or lake. This can look like whatever you need it to like, and it’s completely up to you!

Practice Confidence

Last but not least, practice confidence! Now, notice I don’t say be confident. We all know that being confident is easier said than done and for many of us, the act of being confident is a very active action, rather than a state of being, so practice this attitude. Ask yourself, what would my day look like if I practiced confidence today? You can define what confidence is for you, of course, because our perceptions of this attitude can all look differently, some positive and some negative, so what’s a constructive way for you to take on this attitude? 

Maybe it would define your outfit for the day, or your willingness to advocate for yourself in certain conversations throughout the day. It’s all up to you! Allow this practice to be fun and exciting for you, instead of taxing or burdening. Remember, you’re in control of this practice, and you can always take a break from it when you need. 

I hope that this month is full of celebration of self, enjoyment and a joyful practice of confidence for all of us. How are you celebrating Leo season this year? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @allgoqpoc!

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