Re-envisioning Wellness

By Bryan Garcia he/him/his

“New Year, New Me!” …. “New Year, Same Me?”

Whether you are excited about the new year or not, we can’t deny that every day is a new day with new possibilities. Some of us may be thinking about the ways we want to grow, heal, or improve. Some of us feel just fine as we are and are not looking to change anything anytime soon. Whatever you feel is calling you this year, you deserve to feel good about it.  

Maybe this new year can serve as an opportunity to look at typical resolutions in different ways. Like focusing on something that is going to help you on your journey here on earth and help you feel more aligned with your purpose vs something short-lived or with unrealistic expectations. Before you run off and make these yearlong decisions, here are some thoughts you can consider and questions you can ask yourself at a pace that is comfortable for you:

Personal Goals: What will help you live more joyfully this year? How can I dream better? How do I want to reimagine the world? My world. Does it look like prioritizing rest? Reconnecting with myself? More dancing – getting that YouTube step-by-step choreography rehearsed and ready? Practicing gratitude to start my day and self-compassion to end my night? Being kind to myself when I want to judge myself for failing or not living up to my expectations? 

Family, Friends, & Relationships: Social connections are so important. This sort of intimacy, in its many shapes and forms, can prolong our life expectancy and release chemicals in our brain like oxytocin that make us feel good. 

Ask yourself, are there people I lost touch with? Who are they? What purpose would it serve to reconnect? What relationships do I want to see flourish? What is this asking of me? Would it take more work on my part or their part? Is it a mutual partnership? Are there any relationships that I should continue avoiding, perhaps setting boundaries with? What do those boundaries need to look like? Do we both respect each other? Do we both believe that consent is an enthusiastic, “YES!”?

Heart & Spirit: What makes me come alive? What does pleasure mean to me? What does it look like for me? Am I okay with that? Where does shame, if I am feeling any, stem from? How can I be more accepting and embracing of my desires? What do I need to make that happen? What is the easiest and healthiest thing I can do to lift my heart and spirit when down?

Financial: Do I feel like I need to break away from the idea that constantly grinding and overworking myself will make me happy? Do I believe that I am worth more than that and that my worth cannot be measured because it is too vast and complex and beautiful? How can I overcome the guilt and shame that comes from comparing myself to others or from what I have or don’t have? How do I deal with the frustration of not feeling like I am enough, but also avoiding being guilted into feeling like I have to be grateful, count my blessings, or look on the bright side (aka toxic positivity)? What does wealth mean to me? How do I choose to measure it? Can it be measured in happiness? Joy? Meaning? Purpose? Or just dollar bills?

Work, Career, or Study Goals: I want to keep learning. Be a life-long learner. Growth is important to me. Why? What will motivate me when I don’t feel like it anymore? Is there a quote, mantra that I can repeat to myself that reminds me why I made this commitment? Am I doing this for myself or others? 

Let’s walk in gently. Walk-in mindfully (observe without judgment). Celebrate each win (e.g. I ate a yummy breakfast that gave my body the energy it needs to get through the morning!). 

Yes, we have to do the work. Doing the work is not easy, but it can also be fun, exciting, and feel like an adventure. After all, you are creating yourself! You are the person in charge of creating a life that you love. If that thought doesn’t fill you with wonder and awe, I’m not sure what will! Also, don’t buy into what doesn’t serve you. Got something that hasn’t been working for you? Leave it behind or find safe ways to start distancing yourself. Any time you spend investing in becoming yourself, loving yourself, or getting to know yourself is akin to buying a ton of Google stock in 1999.

Join us on Sunday, January 24th at 3 PM CST for some much needed slowing down and reflection to make way for what matters most in the new year: You. Let’s re-envision wellness to meet our needs and put our growth, healing, and joy at the forefront of our experiences, thoughts, and actions. This in turn will allow us to move through the world with a deeper compassion for ourselves and others. I’ll save you a seat. You can register here

This event is one of many this year around promoting the well-being and vitality of QPOC communities in Austin, TX. For more information about this and other Health and Wellness events, send a message to

How are you walking into this new day? Let us know on social media @allgoqpoc on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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