It’s 2020. Now What?

By ena ganguly

Hi, if you are reading this it means you are in the year 2020. Every new year, our world believes in setting resolutions to lose weight, start a hobby, get that promotion, or be more healthy. Like all seasons throughout the year, this too is cyclical and repetitive. And though we make these steely resolutions in earnest, they tend to wilt and turn into dust over time. So what needs to give for us to break a pattern of resolution setting and breaking, over and over again? 

How about not making resolutions at all? This year feels different to me for some reason. Maybe because of the presidential elections, or the fact that we just finished a decade, but this year feels like it’s on another level, an upgrade, and will challenge us with new and exciting adventures. That being said, to me, setting resolutions are not as important as setting intentions or even an overall theme for the new year. 

The way we can set an intention or theme for ourselves is first by bringing awareness to all aspects of our lives, such as, but not limited to, finances, holistic health, relationships, and career. When I did so, my writing and health really called out to me, so I’ve set a theme of ‘discipline’ for the next year. Initially, when I think of the word discipline, I think of self-control, perseverance and a determined will, but when I dig deeper into what that concept truly means, it looks like consistency, patience and self-compassion. 

In the year 2020, I want to practice the kind of discipline that challenges me to grow more patient with myself and treat myself with more kindness and compassion. This looks like setting up a routine that allows me to go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time every day, regardless of my day-to-day schedule. It includes building a consistent time to write every day, and building in exceptions for when I’m really tired or sick and need that time to rest and recuperate. 

Though my overarching theme for this year is broad, it includes specific goals that I’m tasking myself with, with the hopes that I am well equipped to meet them. What I’m really asking of myself is consistency, in sleep, in writing, and in checking in with myself about my routine and what it’s been doing for me. This most likely will also include keeping a food journal, a dream log or just journaling once or twice a week to have a mindful and deliberate check in.

2019 was a year of real progress for me, and I grew in ways that I wanted, but in 2020, I want to practice increased mindfulness of my time, my actions and my body, and I’m excited for this concept of discipline to take me there.

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