Haikus for Healing

Image credit: Adela C Licona, photographer
@entremundista on Instagram 

By las banditas chukson


sweet dusk songs of calm,

walk mi barrio, humble

to loved ones, I pray.


sun shines brightly now 

moon shines nightly wow, may these 

blessings heal my heart. 


sitting on a cloud 

she sees the good days ahead 

sunshine. rain. starlight. 

las banditas chukson, lbc, is a collective of QPOC writer-artists who believe in the healing powers of place and of words. They bring words together to truth talk, to re-collect, and to imagine. Members of lbc have been known to drop their words in the form of haikus in the desert and on the street. They wrote a grip of haikus meant to bring hope, joy and peace during this time.

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  1. I love to see the creative soul share in the beauty that invites anyone to feel life and beauty coexisting. It is so REAL and Tangible. Beautiful Pieces.

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