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In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted Latinx (including Afro-Latinx) communities nationwide, and in the midst of an international Black Lives Matter racial justice movement, we are all experiencing deep sadness, fiery rage, anxious uncertainty, and determined hope for a better world that is big enough for us all to flourish.

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35th Anniversary

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Disproportionately impacted and yet still demanding change on the frontlines of an increasingly hostile global and local environment, QPoC and our our allies across Texas, across the nation and around the world have a critical responsibility to support our venerable organizations like allgo, which we need to see survive the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic backlash that is already recoiling to strike. Grants and contracts do help us accomplish our work. However, in this COVID-19 era, those funding streams are quickly slowing to a trickle or drying up completely for qpoc organizations.
In order to sustain and strengthen our work, we need your support.
We have done fundraising events in the past...
but we want to build a robust community of care in a time of global devastation so that we might self-sustain our own movement without depending on institutions that have not valued our labor or our lives as much as we have valued both ourselves.

Join the Celebration

Livestreams available on

October 12, 2020
6 - 8 pm CT

Join us on Indigenous People’s Day 2020 to celebrate allgo’s 35th anniversary with a virtual evening of grown folks’ conversation featuring allgo OGs curated by our beloved creative visionary Sharon Bridgforth. Our founders and elders will be reminiscing about the birth of allgo 35 years ago and will be joined by leaders who have shaped allgo through the years! Come hear what these powerful activist doulas have to say about where allgo came from, what we've been through and their vision for our future.  

 After our curated conversation, guests will be invited to turn on their cameras and unmute themselves to ask questions, catch up with the community and share a few laughs as we would if we were gathering with intention in the physical allgo space.   

Livestream available on Facebook Live, Instagram Live & Twitch



October 17, 2020
 5 - 9 pm CT

A Virtual Showcase Featuring artists from allgo’s Past, Present & Future

Hosted by Foxxy Blue Snacks (San Francisco) 

Come one, come all, come have a ball at allgo’s 35th anniversary extravaganza! This virtual gathering of artists and activists will be an unapologetic celebration of the legacy, the resilience, the triumphs, the beauty and the creativity of one of the oldest queer people of color organizations in the United States. This is one online event you don’t want to miss!

Livestream available on Facebook Live, Instagram Live & Twitch