10 Affirmations for When Everything is Too Much

By Jae Lin

Sometimes, things can get so stressful and burdensome and overwhelming; the universe says it’ll all balance out, but it doesn’t always feel like it; when life is too much, it’s everything all at once. For those of us who live at the intersections of identities that have been marginalized, it’s understandable and easy to feel overwhelmed for all of the things that constantly demand our energy and attention. From microaggressions, to misgenderings, to work dynamics, to friendships and relationships, to feelings of isolation and disconnection, making it through the week is no easy task! It is okay to feel overwhelmed; it is understandable, and it’s not your fault.

I know I have been feeling a lot of this, deeply, lately. I’m moving through it, and while positive self talk isn’t always what I am open to or need, there are times where it really helps. These are a few of the mantras and affirmations that have been holding me up. I hope they uplift you, as well.

I do enough. I have enough. I am enough.

Everyday I am trying to let the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me rather than intimidate me.

My gender and my love are beautiful and blossoming.

The way I am feeling right now will not last forever.

I release the need for perfection.

Today, I can choose joy. I can choose tenderness. I can choose light.

I am stronger than this situation.

I can love myself just the way I am and so can others.

I am valued even when I am not productive

I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Keep breathing, keep breathing. We are worthy of peace, you are worthing of healing, you are worthy of loving. Write down affirmations that fill you with light (even if it’s only for a little bit), and keep them somewhere where they will remind you of that feeling. All of the care and tenderness that you might not be receiving externally, you can give to yourself. You deserve that.