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Seton's Big Pink Bus mobile mammogram screening

allgo believes in the necessity of wellness and self-care for the sustainability of our lives and movements. Too often, queer people of color succumb to preventable or treatable illness and disease. The stresses associated with oppression, combined with lack of access to or inadequate health care, exacerbate or create avoidable health problems.

allgo provides education, safe spaces, and experience in wellness practice. Components of wellness are interwoven in all of our activities.

Specific wellness programs include:

Wellness dialogues and workshops
Drawing from the rich expertise in our community, allgo regularly offers opportunities to learn about and incorporate wellness practices. Our offerings include workshops on acupuncture, herbal medicine, and spiritual wellness.
Breast care
On an ongoing basis, allgo provides educational materials and information regarding breast care. In addition, we partner annually with the SETON Cancer Mobile Mammography Program to provide free mammograms and breast exams at allgo. The Seton Cancer Mobile Mammography Program is offered in various locations throughout the year, so if you are in need of a mammogram, contact the Seton Mobile Mammography office at 512-324-3375. Please see our Events page for allgo’s next scheduled hosting of mammogram and breast exam testing.
HIV/AIDS prevention and safer sex education and supplies
allgo provides HIV/AIDS prevention and safer sex education and supplies, and we incorporate education and prevention tools and information into all of our events and activities.

Discussion and support programs
MoC (Men of Color), is a Texas based discussion/empowerment group for same gender loving, gay, bisexual, progressive, queer, questioning men of color. For more information contact Kelle[at]allgo.org or join the Facebook event group.

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