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Social Justice

allgo works passionately on behalf of initiatives affecting queer people of color – as advocates, activists, and consultants, alone and in solidarity with our ally organizations.

With the ongoing hostile environment for QPOC, it is critical for our community members and allies across Texas to have access to information and engagement opportunities to address local and statewide challenges. Through our alliances and connections with individuals and organizations across Texas, allgo members can promote events, resources, and calls to action in local communities throughout the state.

Statewide Queer People of Color Activist Summit

Statewide Summit session allgo’s annual Statewide Queer People Of Color Activist Summit brings together 25 QPOC activists from across the state to explore and develop strategies for the coming year, to celebrate our accomplishments, and to learn self-care.

The weekend-long Summit is a space to dialogue about how we can build a movement coming from a place of engaging possibilities rather than a place of fighting, and that works to create our own power.

The Summit also explores how we can carry out this work in a way that is sustainable and supportive in a continuum of movement building. We have seen leaders fall from fatigue and burn-out due to the challenges they face when it comes to self-care and finding time and space to ensure that they are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually whole and healthy. At the Summit, we explore the importance of and learn to engage in self-care.

Summit activities and workshops allow attendees to safely engage in dialogue, reflection, learning, and sharing experiences. Topic areas include: honoring our history; strengthening our network; growing and sustaining the movement; and creating possibilities for economic and social change in queer communities of color that lead to liberation from the inside out. Most attendees stay at the Summit location in order to facilitate after-hours retreat and networking activities.

Brown Papers

allgo’s Brown Papers inform and educate the public about issues most affecting queer people of color. We call them ‘Brown Papers’ rather than ‘White Papers’ to raise awareness that the policy shifts required for the profound change we intend for our communities lies outside the scope of traditional policy work.

We disseminate our Brown Papers to organizations and individuals who work with QPOC communities, though we also hope that they reach all who could benefit from them. Our intent is to engage multiple communities impacted by systems of oppression while centering the needs, priorities, and concerns of queer people of color in the South.

Anti-oppression consultancies and trainings

allgo offers a variety of anti-oppression consultancies and trainings to groups including local and national organizations, university departments, and community groups. Our trainings focus on building anti-violent, anti-oppressive organizations and movements; being an ally; and LGBTQ101. We are able to serve as long-term consultants as well as offer one-time trainings to local or national groups around the country. Please contact us to learn more about our offerings.

Collaborative Partners

At allgo, we strive to nurture and sustain relationships and alliances with our sister organizations to address QPOC issues and also issues such as immigrant and refugee rights, anti-violence, sexual freedom, and reproductive justice. We are clear that our oppressions are connected, and therefore our mutual liberation depends on our solidarity.

allgo works closely with our sister organizations listed below to promote and host events and activities, and to join forces in calls to action and activism.

Sister Organizations

Capitol View Arts
Capitol View Arts supports the arts community through arts education, collaborative opportunities, and the preservation of venues for performances and public use.

Communities of Color United: Coalition for Racial Justice/Comunidades de Color Unidas: Coalicion por la Justicia Racial

The member organizations of the coalition include: allgo, Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman, ICE Fuera de Austin/ ICE Out of Austin (formerly of the Austin Immigrants Rights Coalition) and the Alliance for African American Health of Central Texas (AAAHCT).

Fahari Arts Institute
The mission of Fahari Arts Institute is to celebrate, display and produce the works of GLBT artist from the African Diaspora.
Mamas of Color Rising
Mamas of Color Rising is a collective of working class and poor mothers of color based in and around Austin, TX. We are interested in organizing ourselves and other women/mamas of color around issues with accessing needs like food, housing, education and safety, finding out together what our larger ideal community looks like and building it together.
Resistencia Bookstore
Resistencia Bookstore, Casa de Red Salmon Arts, is a neighborhood center  for aspiring  writers, providing quality literature  to  Austin  communities since  1983. Specializing in Native, Chicana/o-Mexicana/o, Latina/o, African-American, feminist, and children’s bilingual literature, the bookstore also provides a meeting space for community organizations and hosts a variety of cultural and literary events.
Women’s Community Center of Central Texas
The mission of the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas is to promote the wellbeing of Texas women and girls and to build positive connections among people and organizations that do the same.

Our Grant Supporters

allgo would like to acknowledge and appreciate funding support from the following agencies and organizations.

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