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allgo members at a barbecue picnicHere, you can learn about our current events and activities, and browse through events we’ve held in the past. As you’ll see, our activities are thought-provoking, joyful, informative, and always celebratory of our queer communities of color.

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Practicing Polyamory in a World of Oppressions and Possibilities

January 19 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


We invite our queer people of color communities to join us.

How do we negotiate power dynamics within polyamorous relationships? How do we navigate jealousy as polyamorous people? How do we confront racism within polyamorous communities? How do we confront racism within our polyamorous relationships? How do we set boundaries with the various people we are in relationships with? These are some questions and issues that can come up for queer polyamorous people of color. But are these exclusive to polyamorous people and relationships or do they apply to monogamous ones as well? Are polyamorous relationships actually more difficult than monogamous ones or do we often think that they are because traditional ideals of monogamy overwhelm the narrative for what love, desire, and relationships can and should be? Let’s talk about it!

Join allgo and facilitators Martha Ramos Duffer and Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano for a community discussion on these and other topics about loving and desiring expansively within a social and racial justice framework. We’ll explore ways in which race and class issues show up in poly connections and relationships, if and how they manifest uniquely in poly contexts, and how others are working through these questions. And, because practicing polyamory is an invitation to push the boundaries of our imagination, we’ll discuss how the poly life, complete with its challenges, can be a life of ever-expanding possibilities.

Light refreshments will be provided; feel free to bring something to share, though bringing something is not required.

Join us on Friday, January 19th, at 6PM for this conversation on the intersections of power and desire in polyamory.

This event is one of many this year around promoting the well being and vitality of QPOC communities in Austin, TX. For more information about this and other events, or to sign up for our mailing list, send a message to wellness@allgo.org


January 19
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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