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allgo movie night: Touch of Pink

May 10, 2011



Join us for this month’s movie night and discussion:

Touch of Pink

701 Tillery, Austin TX, 78702

Snacks are provided and donations are accepted.

Synopsis: Alim (Jimi Mistry) is so caught up in the romance, style and dreams of old Hollywood that he thinks he’s living with the spirit of Cary Grant (Kyle MacLachlan). A young, South Asian Canadian based in London, Alim lives with a handsome, charming intelligent English boyfriend, Giles, who is completely unaware of his lover’s fantasy life. Alim and Giles are happy together, despite Cary’s presence, until Alim’s mother Nuru (Suleka Mathew) shows up for a visit. Totally unaware that her son is gay, let alone that he is living with Giles, Nuru has come to London to find Alim a proper Ismaili-Muslim girlfriend and to convince him to come home to Canada. With his mother in the picture, Alim’s different worlds quickly begin to collide, and he has to choose between his fantasy life with Cary and the earthlier pleasures of real life. “Touch of Pink” combines a contemporary clash of cultures, values and sexuality, with the pleasures of an old fashioned romantic comedy.